Lab members

Current Members of the Belden Lab

Lisa Belden- PI

Lisa has broad interests, but is focusing most of her current efforts on delving into the world of microbial symbionts.

Education: BA University of Montana, PhD Oregon State University




Emma Bradford- Postdoctoral research associate

Emma is interested in host-parasite interactions.  She is currently focusing on understanding the interplay between honey bees, their gut microbiome, and Nosema parasites that colonize the gut.


Education: BS University of Stirling, MS University of Leeds, PhD University of Aberdeen



Angie Estrada- PhD student

Angie is interested in conservation and ecology.  She is examining the seasonality of amphibian chytrid fungus infection in the tropics and the relationship between chytrid infection and the skin bacterial communities.  Angie is a fellow in the Interfaces of Global Change graduate program.





Korin Jones- PhD student

Korin is interested in metacommunity theory and community assembly. He will be investigating assembly and stability of bacterial communities that comprise the amphibian microbiome. Korin is a fellow in the Interfaces of Global Change graduate program.




Emma Bueren- PhD student

Emma is interested in within host interactions between microbes.  She is currently exploring projects examining viral co-infections in honey bees and phage-bacteria interactions in the microbiome. Emma is a fellow in the Interfaces of Global Change graduate program.




Casey Gregory- MS student

Casey is examining parasite-microbiome interactions in the honey bee gut microbiome.  She is interested in how the microbiome and host immunity shape disease dynamics.





Recent graduates and post-doctoral researchers:
Daniel Medina, PhD, 2018
Skylar Hopkins, PhD, 2017
Sally Zemmer, PhD, 2016
Myra Hughey, Post-doc, 2012-2015
Jenifer Walke, PhD, 2014; post-doc, 2015-2017
Matthew Becker, PhD, 2014
Jennie Wyderko, MS, 2013

Most of the Belden Lab, fall, 2019
Belden Lab, summer 2018
Belden Lab, summer 2014
Belden Lab, summer 2014